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Innovos Robotics Student Membership Criteria

Membership Period: September 1st  - August 31st  (renew membership each year)


Our Motto:

To transform the greater community by creating a world where science and technology are CELEBRATED and where all young people dream of becoming science and technology leaders.



Innovos Robotics is a competitive youth level robotics team located in Orange County



In the FIRST ® Robotics Competition, Team 6499 competes  head to head on a special playing field with robots they we designed, built, and programmed;

  • Regional competition is in March or April

  • International competition is in April


Team #: 6499



  • The Innovos Robotics team consists of a group of around 12-15 students (girls/boys) age 12-18

    • Younger students may participate by permission ONLY at the discretion of the Mentor team



  • Membership Period: Starts September 25 (renew membership each year)

    • Registration starts every September 

  • Schedule: Click Here for Detailed Schedule

    • Signup and Registration – Begins September 25th

    • Build Prep Period - November 10 - December 17

    • Robot Build- January 7th – Feb 22nd (six-week build)

    • Robot Drive Practice – Feb 21st – March 8

    • Competition TBD

    • International Championship (April – Houston, Tx)

  • Meetings:

    • September - No meetings (Registration and evaluation period)

    • October-December (once a week) every Tuesday 6-8PM

    • January-March (three times a week)

      • Every Tuesday and Thursday 6-8PM

      • Every Saturday 10:00AM-3:00PM

    • April through August

      • We meet periodically for events and corporate visits



  • WTS Connect 1025 Segovia Cir, Placentia, CA 92870



  • Registration: $100 (Due mid-October)

  • Donation: $250 by January 31

    • (NOTE: Most of Innovos Robotics funding comes from corporate sponsorships and relationships built over time, however, to help with funding the program, parents are requested and expected to solicit donations or secure sponsorships from their jobs, friends, family and/or the community). A family is expected to raise at least $250 by January 31st each year.


Membership Benefits to Students (Please Read)

  • Member of a youth robotics competition team (i.e. similar to football, soccer, etc.)

  • Active participation in STEM activity

  • Innovos Robotics team shirt

  • Access to Innovos Robotics University training

  • Access to hand tools and power tools

  • Participation in at least one official regional FIRST robotics competition

  • Possible participation (if qualified) in the international tournament is Houston, TX

  • Mentorship from seasoned industry professionals

  • Exclusive FREE access to industry level CAD (Computer Assisted Drawing) software, called Solidworks

  • Opportunity to help build a competition ready 120 lb robot from scratch

  • Chance to visit major companies through onsite visits

  • Scholarships: Click Here to view Scholarship Opportunities

A big advantage to participating in FIRST is gaining access to millions in college scholarships made available by colleges, universities, and corporations who support FIRST. This is exclusive financial help open only to FIRST team members, giving them a competitive leg up on other students seeking educational funds.

  • Most are for use at the specific Provider college or university, but some can be used at any school

  • About 35% of FIRST Scholarships can be used for any course of study, not just engineering

  • Amounts vary from one-time awards to full four-year tuition


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