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What is FIRST ?

FIRST , For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology, is an organization that uses a sports-like competition atmosphere to entice young people to study science, technology, and engineering. The students learn everything from mechanical engineering to leadership and teamwork.


What do students in first do?

Students in first work with engineers to build a robot within a six week time frame. After the six weeks, all the robots are packed into crates and shipped to competition sites all over the world. They then engage Dean Kamen's trademarked "coopertition" - simultaneously cooperating and competing.


Who is involved with first ?

The heart and soul of first are the students. They are the ones Dean Kamen hoped to capture when he started the competitions in 1992. However, the students wouldn't be able to build the wonderful robots with out the teaching and guidance of the mentors, boosters, and teachers who give so much time and energy to make first work and grow.


Where are the competitions?

first has regionals all over the world for an energetic six weeks, all leading up to the master Championship Event in St. Louis. The first site has a list of all the regionals and tournaments on their website.

When was first founded?

first was founded in 1989 by Dean Kamen, the inventor of many medical devices such as the portable insulin pump. He felt that high school students needed an outlet to get excited about engineering and technology.

How can I become involved?

  • Join a team as a student or a mentor.

  • Become a sponsor for your local first robotics team.

  • Volunteer to be a judge, a referee, or one of the other millions of jobs at your nearest first event.

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